Hey, Hello!

It’s a pleasure to meet you

We’re Puny Human, we make and play video games. Our team is an amalgam of developers across many continents, in numerous countries with a wide range of talent. Being so spread out, it’s important to stay connected and have fun!
As a result, since 2007 mantra has been: make exceptional things with close friends.


Meet The Team

We’re a fun bunch

When we’re not thinking of new, quirky ideas or powering through difficult problems, you can find us playing the games that inspire us. Come chat or play with us on our Discord server, tweet us @PunyHuman, or shoot us an e-mail.


If you’re here because you want to join our team, then take a look at our open positions and see if you’ll fit in!


Our Games

Making great games is our passion

We started as friends that modified games for fun. Our first result was Dystopia, a dual-reality cyber-punk shooter. Unique ideas are core to our games; so we developed Blade Symphony, an artistic tactical sword-fighter. Most recently, we merged two ideas into one, releasing Galacide, a blend of traditional shoot ’em up games with match-4 puzzlers.