Hey, Hello!

It’s a pleasure to meet you

We’re Puny Human and while you’re reading this, we’re likely designing, developing and playing video games. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, we’re an independent studio, and since 2007 have worked hard to create unique and exceptional games!



 Meet The Team

We’re a fun bunch

While not all of us are at the Puny Human HQ in North Carolina, or even the United States, we all remain connected. Our team is an amalgam of developers across three separate continents, in four countries with a wide range of talents.



Our Games

Making great games is our passion

We started as a group of friends, modifying games to fit our interests. Our first title Dystopia, a dual-reality cyber-punk shooter, was a result of these modifications. Creating something unique remained important; so we developed Blade Symphony, an artistic tactical sword-fighting game. Most recently, we released Galacide, which blends traditional shoot ’em up games with match-4 puzzlers.