Quality Assurance Lead (Raleigh NC)

We’re staying busy with client work, and our internal projects, and all of them need to be at an outstanding quality bar.

Puny Human is seeking a Quality Assurance Lead to work with our internal team on a client project as the owner of test and quality assurance. This person must be extremely detail-oriented, willing to learn, and be humble.18 years of age or older. A high school or college degree not required. Attitude over aptitude.

Has this:

  • History working with technical or game development teams in small (4 – 12) and medium (13 – 30) in a Quality Assurance role.
  • An incredible eye for detail and practiced ability to communicate meaningful information thoughtfully and diplomatically with compassion and kindness.
  • A basic understanding of Unreal Engine 4 and basic comprehension using various features of the editor.
  • An advanced understanding of ad-hoc, functional, acceptance, E2E, regression, usability, and compatibility testing.
  • A basic to intermediate experience with automated stress or performance testing tools.
  • Experience creating test cases, test suites, and test plans with multiple test scenarios and permutations.
  • Experience creating smoke testing test plans and permutation matrices.
  • A good understanding of time management, estimation, scope, and requirements work in a team setting.
  • A basic to intermediate understanding of Agile Scrum methodologies such as Scrumban or Kanban.
  • Intermediate understanding of how source-control management software such as PlasticSCM, Perforce, Git, or SVN.
  • Intermediate to advanced experience with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, or their Google, LibreOffice, or OpenOffice alternatives.
  • Significant experience using real-time team-based or media-focused chat programs such as Discord, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Be this:

  • A team player, willing to help regardless of peer relationships or target project.
  • A self-starter, able to be motivated regardless of situation or circumstances.
  • A fast-learner, that can admit ignorance and perform research to gain knowledge
  • A problem-solver can critically think about issues and circumstances, and affected parties.
  • Open-minded, willing to be a devil’s advocate or hear new ideas and thought.
  • Tolerant, that doesn’t care about what makes somebody a human being.
  • Organized, efficiently self-managing time and tasks to stay on schedule and within budget.