UE4 C++ Engineer (Raleigh NC)

Puny Human is a game development company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Formed in 2007, we are composed of numerous fun-loving, experienced game developers with a mission to provide our players with entertaining and lasting experiences in a healthy, open, and versatile way.

We are searching for a C++ Engineer to create product functionality collaboratively alongside a team on a project. All of our engineers work to ensure engineering quality by reviewing the implementation of their peers and taking part in work and effort estimation. 

This person must be extremely detail-oriented, willing to learn and be humble. Expect this work to be for a title running on PC, Consoles, and Mobile devices. 18 years of age or older. A high school or college degree not required. Attitude over aptitude.

To Apply: Send us an e-mail with a link to a resume, portfolio, code-snippets, and anything else that helps make your case.


The C++ Unreal Engine 4 Engineer is responsible for code quality, controlling technical debt, ensuring healthy engineering processes and serves as the code architecture subject matter expert.

  • Writes and edits organized and clean C++ code and Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints for use within the product and its various components.
  • Utilizes multiple tools inside and outside of the Unreal Engine 4 editor to create high-quality and polished features for the product.
  • Builds, packages, and tests the product, addressing product defects or feature shortfalls
  • Takes part in numerous processes related to the technical development of the product, such as the code style guide and a code review.
  • Interprets client or design requirements in order to implement the project’s planned technical features and design.
  • Ongoing, transparent communication with a focus on expectations and fostering trust with internal stakeholders and external partners.



  • 2 – 4 years of experience creating games
  • Be comfortable with using the plethora of Unreal Engine 4 tools, APIs, and plugins that ship with it.
  • Experience optimizing performance under CPU or GPU limiting conditions, or with performance goals in mind.
  • Familiarity with Plastic SCM or other source control management (SCM) tools.
  • A strong understanding of object-oriented programming and C++ in particular, and the ability to collaborate with team members with a similar understanding.
  • A love for learning, sharing knowledge, improving processes, and making great games.


Be this:

  • A team player, willing to help regardless of peer relationships or target project.
  • A self-starter, able to be motivated regardless of situation or circumstances.
  • A fast-learner, that can admit ignorance and perform research to gain knowledge
  • A problem-solver can critically think about issues and circumstances, and affected parties.
  • Open-minded, willing to be a devil’s advocate or hear new ideas and thought.
  • Tolerant, that doesn’t care about what makes somebody a human being.
  • Organized, efficiently self-managing time and tasks to stay on schedule and within budget.

To Apply: Send us an e-mail with a link to a resume, portfolio, code-snippets, and anything else that helps make your case.