Business Operations Associate (Raleigh NC)

Puny Human is a game development company located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Formed in 2007, we are composed of numerous fun-loving, experienced game developers with a mission to provide our players with entertaining and lasting experiences in a healthy, open, and versatile way. Note: This position does not pay for relocation expenses. This position is only for those authorized to work in the United States. Puny Human is searching for a passionate individual, eager to get into the leadership, production and management tracks of the video game industry. Ideal candidates have an interest in starting their own business, love video game development, and want to merge the two. The Business Operations Associate will help ensure day-to-day processes run efficiently. In the short term, this role will assist with project administration responsibilities, vendor relations, and initial financial obligations to support day-to-day operations. Long term, we hope this position to expand into prospective client solicitation, promoting satisfaction for existing clients, and assisting in our marketing and advertising strategies. The Business Operations Associate will work closely with the current Production and Business Development staff, and the Studio Manager. This person must be extremely detail-oriented, process-driven, patient, and humble. This position requires someone with a positive attitude, that is action-oriented, and willing to wear numerous hats to advance the studio and ensure our team is the best version of themselves! 18 years of age or older. A high school or college degree is not required. Attitude over aptitude.

To Apply: Send us an e-mail with a link to a resume, portfolio, code-snippets, and anything else that helps make your case.


The Business Operations Associate is an entry-level position, allowing for training in the areas of project administration, financial, human resources and legal processes, assisting in team and project leadership, business development and strategy where necessary. This position is ideal for those that have been in leadership roles on student or volunteer-based video game projects, and have an keen interest in Business Administration.

  • Communicates with employees across multiple projects to ensure that their needs are met, their goals are clear, and that they produce a continued commitment to the development taking place.
  • Assists in verification of employee and contractor timesheets for processing.
  • Scans in, organizes and manages all paper records.
  • Confirms and details company financial transactions, providing context and documentation on expenses, budgets and income.
  • Assist with recruiting, and works with clients to meet or manage expectations, foster trust, and ensure partner satisfaction.
  • Work with management to ensure commitment to values, mission and to plan short and long-term company goals.
  • Assists in developing, implementing and reviewing operational policies and procedures.
  • Help promote a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale.
  • Encourages continuous, transparent, and positive communication to promote collaboration among the company’s leaders and stakeholders.
  • Manage phone calls and correspondence (e-mail, letters, packages etc.)
  • Coordinate office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies.
  • Keep stock of office supplies and equipment, placing orders when necessary


  • History working with game development teams, whether professional, volunteer or student-based, in a leadership or production role.
  • An expert understanding of the video games industry.
  • Intermediate knowledge and comfort with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Drive.
  • Basic understanding of financial or accounting practices and concepts.
  • Experience packaging and shipping materials and parcels, working with the United States Postal Service and private carriers for drop-off and delivery.
  • Marvelous attention to detail, organizational, and planning skills.
  • Excellent English written, verbal and communication skills.
  • Background on project teams serving as a conflict resolver, communication relay, and emotional and perspective organizer for team members.
  • Action-oriented and independent in order to start and stay productive without any oversight or encouragement from peers or leadership.


  • A discerner, understanding perspectives, empathetic and never making assumptions based on their own interpretation.
  • A captivator, with a talkative, outgoing, and friendly personality and positive attitude.
  • A sage, capable of maintaining composure in front of many or being interviewed.
  • A forward-thinker, constantly formulating new ideas to reach audiences or satisfy fans.
  • A creator, capable of trying new things through inventive and innovative means.
  • A team player, willing to help regardless of peer relationships or target project.
  • A self-starter, able to be motivated regardless of situation or circumstances.
  • Tolerant, that doesn’t care about what makes somebody a human being.
  • Organized, efficiently self-managing time and tasks to stay on schedule and within budget.

To Apply: Send us an e-mail with a link to a resume, portfolio, code-snippets, and anything else that helps make your case.