Work with us?

We want to make cool stuff, and we need help from time to time. We’re a fun, self-motivated group, all over the world. Be smart about this, if you require babysitting or micro-management, we probably won’t work well with you. If you can’t stay on top of your work, or available to chat, we probably won’t work well with you. Be good at what you do. Know when you mess up. Have kindness toward others.

We tend to prefer candidates that are local to the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. We encourage diversity and welcome people from all walks of life. Puny Human denounces and abhors any company, organization or individual that shows prejudice toward anyone based on geography, age, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, neuro-differences or neuro-diversities, religion, political leaning, or pizza topping preference (unless it’s about pineapple.)

To Apply: Send us an e-mail with a link to a resume, portfolio, code-snippets, and anything else that helps make your case.


Design Director (Raleigh, NC – Hybrid)

UE4 C++ Engineer (Raleigh, NC – Hybrid)