Forecasting upcoming months

Roughly 3 weeks have elapsed since my last update regarding Puny Human. I found that posting to this blog was a great way to organize my thoughts, and inform everyone what’s going on, so I’m doing it again.


Work with our unnamed client continues, keeping three of our most experienced Unreal Engine 4 developers busy. It doesn’t really bring in much revenue for the company, just enough to pay for expenses related to sending monthly invoices, yearly tax forms, payroll, and online bookkeeping applications. Which is something. We’re probably about four months from announcing what it is that we’ve been working on, and who with.


As for those of us not working on that project, work continues on Blade Symphony and Galacide. As it stands, Josh and I are working on some back-end things for storing Blade Symphony item information, without the help of the website. I go into some detail about why we are re-inventing our own wheel, here.


When Josh has free time, he works fast. He has a version of the Source Engine compiled using 64-bit binaries, now it’s just a matter of making Blade Symphony use it. However, his first priority is getting F2P functionality working for a regular release. This means than an initial a F2P release, probably won’t have a Linux and 64-bit port. We’ll see, though.


I’m still keeping a bit busy with Galacide. I’ve almost completed re-tooling the build system it uses, in order to be a little less needlessly complex. My hope is that this will help whatever Unreal Engine 4 programmer I can find to add multiplayer functionality, quickly make changes and test them. After I’ve completed this task, I will release previously mentioned fixes and Engine update, for Windows 64-bit, 32-bit and Linux. After I find┬ásomeone to help add multiplayer functionality, I will work on testing and optimizing the OSX port.


In the “shadows” so to speak, I’ve begun preliminary work to show that we’re more capable of offering outsourcing/contract work to external vendors. Why? Simple, the work is steady, and it pays for the people that still work for us, while we can tinker with things like Blade Symphony free to play and Galacide multiplayer.


This is part of a larger effort to make Puny Human more appealing for a future organizational change, but more on that later.


People seem to be finding me and asking questions over Reddit or Discord, so if you have something to ask, that’s where you can find me.

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