Blade Symphony

Blade Symphony is an exciting third-person tactical sword-fighter that boasts extensive strategy-driven multiplayer gameplay. What started off as a small game modification grew to become Puny Human's first official full game thanks to a passionate and supportive community of gamers.

Blade Symphony development has slowed tremendously since it became a free-to-play title but there is still a faithful and devoted following that wish to see it live on and evolve. We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to not only fund the improvements that are demanded but to directly include the community in the extended development process.

We still have a long road ahead of us to get the game where we would all like to see it. Our plan is to fix the existing bugs, add new features and improve the game where-ever possible. We want this to be a collaborative process that relies on the input of those impacted the most by these decisions - YOU, the players. There will undoubtedly be complications along the way, as there always are, but we feel we have the skills and experience to handle them. We have grown a lot since Blade Symphony originally launched in 2014 and we are confident in our ability to make the game better than ever. Let's work together to generate the necessary funds to make this dream a reality!



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Stretch Goals

Full Steam Workshop Integration
Stats System Revival