Games We Made

Making great games is our passion

We started modifying games for fun, resulting in Dystopia, a dual-reality cyber-punk shooter. Eventually we brought our original ideas to life with Blade Symphony, an artistic tactical sword-fighter and Galacide, shoot ’em up blended with match-4 puzzlers.

Zero Day: An objective-driven looter shooter
Galacide: A puzzle/shoot 'em up mashup
Blade Symphony: A third person tactical swordfighter
Dystopia: A dual-reality shooter



Games We Helped Make

Helping others helps us

It’s important for us to explore and learn how others do things, that’s why we’ve offered our help on numerous projects. We were grateful to start our work with Minority Media on VR Time Machine, then for a few years with inXile Entertainment on The Mage’s Tale, Bard’s Tale IV, and Wasteland 3. Recently, we were fortunate to work with the awesome team at Squanch Games on Trover Saves The Universe, and are currently working with LiquidBit on Killer Queen Black.

Killer Queen Black by LiquidBit
Trover Saves the Universe by Squanch Games
Wasteland 3 by inXile Entertainment
Bard's Tale IV by inXile Entertainment
The Mage's Tale by inXile Entertainment
Time Machine VR by Minority Media