The Dystopia Revival :D (Friday December 20th)

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The Dystopia Revival :D (Friday December 20th)

Postby Bitey » Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:12 pm

The Dystopia Revival Starts Now!!!!

Hey guys, it's been a few years since we've all gotten together and with the release of 1.4 it's time to charge up the legboosters and connect those cyberdecks. This weekend we (As in Twin, Bitey, Vez and all the wonderful people making this happen) are going to be launching a rather large event to try to inspire the rebirth of this classic FPS. They're going to be things for everyone, from public servers to organized gathers. You're all invited to take part in the Dystopia Revival. For your convince, here is a list of a few things that will be going on:

Being hopeful we will try to provide a constant cycle of dystopia Pick-up Games(Gathers) with 5v5/6v6 action. Starting at 6est-3pst-23GMT Friday, and Saturday/Sunday 11est-9pst-1600GMT till the late hours of the night. We will have set captains around to create and manage the games as they take place. Check out the steamgroup below for more information.

Also there will hopefully be a community get together taking place on Dystopia community mumble server. Here is the address for anyone who is interested in joining up to chat:

Twitch show/streams:
Friday @ 9est-6pst-0200GMT
Introduction to Dystopia, big thanks to him for trying it out (Dystopia 1.4 Dev) (Casting 5v5/6v6 pug games saturday/sunday) (The Bitey™ )

and be sure to look at twitch to see if anyone else is streaming at the time!

Hope to catch all of you in game, and if you really want to show your support be sure to tell all you friends about the rebith of Dystopia 1.4!

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Re: The Dystopia Revival :D (Friday December 20th)

Postby Florentinoi » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:52 am

I have to share this great information with each other again.
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