Update, or Get Valve to update the server files.

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Update, or Get Valve to update the server files.

Postby Ironclaw » Fri Sep 17, 2010 3:35 am

Hey, I'm really sorry for posting this, but I really do want to get this server up and running in Australia.

More than likely, you guys are already working on a hotfix that includes orangebox stuff so that server operators can install the entire server with just one command... and also be able to use the hldsupdatetool without having to do a complete reinstall of the server.

This isn't really a complaint topic, it's more of an encouragement topic, to ensure that you guys are appreciated for your efforts of fixing this problem.

I'll just give you a reason to continue even faster: I have absolutely no access to change anything on my server as it's been bodged together by hypernia as sort of a half fix until the hldsupdatetool installer method is fixed properly. So, it's currently called Dsytopia, and I can't change that without doing some weird stuff.

Thanks guys, keep working on this awesome game, and please get that hotfix out soon.
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Re: Update, or Get Valve to update the server files.

Postby Atomy » Sat Sep 18, 2010 7:01 pm

think i figured it out, the actual hotfix is, done with a clean installation of hldsupdatetool:
./steam -command update -game dystopia -dir ./orangebox (make sure dir orangebox exists, create it otherwise! if it doesnt exists and you run it, it would hang forever on "Updating installation")
./steam -command update -game orangebox -dir ./

the actual issue is when you use ./steam with -game dystopia, its overwriting orangebox binary files with wrong files, so the -game orangebox needs to be the last command to revert that overwrite, if unsure do a,
./steam -command update -game orangebox -dir ./ -verify_all
that should fix any broken installation
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