Puny Human hopes to continue development on Dystopia, long after the initial release, by releasing updates, maintaining websites, and running dedicated servers.

Puny Human was formed from the remnants of Team Dystopia, the initial developers of Dystopia. Since 2007, we've provided released a number of updates, from 1.2 to 1.5.2, because we love this game and its community.

However, since 2015, Puny Human has also engaged in contract work in order to keep the lights on. While we're very proud of our work and have made some great friends, we want to work on our projects (and preferably keep the lights on.)

Dystopia needs your help for continued development. With your donation, we can pay our wonderful team to continue their work on maintaining Dystopia. Here are some of the things we want to do:

- Bring the Stats system back online
- Resurrect the Dystopia wiki
- Implement Steam Workshop
- Make the game easier to learn
- Translate into more languages
- Polish the Linux version
- Create a Mac version
- Fix bugs and crashes

Anything you can spare is appreciated. It will go right back to some of our wonderful developers like Sam R. (Spire,) Mike Z. (twincannon,) Sam P. (samzanemesis,) and Mike S. (urinal-cake)

This game was a labor of love for us. We want to be able to afford our labor, to show you how much we still love Dystopia.



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